The Duras are residents of the Infernus and the enemies that the Giou Clan has sworn to destroy. The word Duras itself actually means “The Proud Ones”. As it is an Infernus word, humans tend to call them demons. Duras who come to the human world often possess humans who hold darkness in their hearts, effectively growing stronger by feeding on their negative emotions. Since the power levels between the Duras vary, they are categorized into rankings:

Duras Class Ranking Edit


There are nine ranks of Duras in three classes.

Niedatrechy, low-level demons who mostly take the forms of beasts or reptiles. Unlike the higher-class Duras, these little guys can appear spontaneously in the human world without answering to a necromancer’s call.

Notable Niedatrechy: Sodom

Rankings E - F

Midvillain, humanoid creatures with a much higher level of intelligence and sentience than the Niedatrechy. A person who is possessed by a Midvillain can be discerned by the mark that appears on the victim’s body during said possession.

Notable Midvillains: Bayou

Rankings B - D

Opast, the highest ranking Duras. They all look like unearthly beautiful people. An Opast can (and will!) easily kill even the most experienced magician, and even the legendary Zweilts are advised not to fight an Opast unless it’s absolutely necessary. The highest ranking Opasts, called general class, are second only to the Demon Lord in terms of raw power and cruelty.

Notable Opasts: Ashley, Cadenza, Elegy, Jekyll, Hyde, Luka and Luze.

Rankings A - SS

Royal Class Demons, are ranked U for unknown or unidentified. Not much is known about them compared to the other three classes or Duras.

Notable Royal Class: Lucifer (Demon King)

Rankings U