Kanata Wakamiya is a childhood friend of Yuki's who lived at the


Kanata as Reiga

same orphanage and studied at the same college. He was born as a reincarnation of Giou Reiga but lived his childhood as Kanata Wakamiya (若宮奏多) without any remembrance or knowledge of his awaiting destiny, the Book of Raziel being his only earthly possession. When he awakens as Reiga, he becomes one of the main antagonists.


As Kanata Wakamiya he has a calm and gentle personality which invites trust and confidentiality. Kanata and Yuki had been living together at the Asahi orphanage since they were young without knowing who they really are in their previous life. Their friendship resembles that of a brother relationship. Yuki is his most precious person and he constantly thinks about his welfare; doing what he can to take care of him and make him smile. Kanata constantly invites Yuki to be with him so he can protect him. Yuki is also one of the only people who manage to lure an honest smile from him in return.

As Reiga, his personality from his previous life consumed him and he once again regained his memories. The reason why his memories were erased after being reincarnated was so that he could keep his identity a secret in order to forge time for him to recover his powers. He was feared amongst the people of the village where he resided with Takashiro and Yomi. Even back then, he carried a profound darkness and despair which manifests as a deep hatred of human being. The darkness inside his heart consumed him and transformed him to believe that all humans do not deserve to live. Within his heart lies grief and hatred which caused him to lost faith in humanity. He believes himself destined to purge the earth of the filthy humans who wrong it with their selfish and spoiled behavior. Single mindedly acting out his so called destiny he seems to truly believe his is acting out of the greater good.

It is shown that he carries an inner conflict since he, as Reiga, results in hesitation when going against Yuki; unable to let go of his feelings as Kanata.

Appearance Edit

As Kanata he has medium length black hair and grey eyes. He is mostly seen wearing formal clothes, consisting of pants and a shirt, or a school uniform, both of which blend in the crowd.

Reiga's eyes take on a blue tint and a cat-like quality.He wears a heavy gilded, militaristic uniform, complete with mantel and gloves. Unlike Kanata's unremarkable outfit, this one demands respect and speaks of more imminent, dangerous powers. He does not seem to be using any particular weapon, instead relying on his abilities as a necromancer, but it is unknown whether he possesses a blade akin to the other blades in the Giou clan.


A thousand years ago, during the Heian period, Reiga lived with the other Giou family members in a secluded part of the world, a member of a clan known as the children of God. But although his mother was a human Giou clan member, his father was a Duras. As such, he was a taboo child; feared and loathed by other clan members; the children tormenting him and calling him a monster. The only people to stand up for him were Takashiro and Yomi, two of the other village youngsters. As the three grew up, their powers also evolved and they became part of the Four Saints; the leaders of the Giou clan, but Reiga was still feared by the other members of the clan. After an incident in the capital, the court summoned the clan to help purge a horde of Duras. Takashiro was sent with a couple of trained fighters while Yomi and Reiga were left to protect the village. Before Takashiro left, Reiga overheard a conversation between him and Yomi, who expressed concern for Reiga and his powers. Misunderstanding this, Reiga thought Yomi feared him as many of the other villagers did. Takashiro managed to calm him before leaving, but Reiga, who had developed feelings for Yomi, was deeply pained by her words. Something snapped in Reiga, and when Takashiro returned Reiga had already been consumed by darkness, calling a horde of Duras and burning the town to the ground. He killed Yomi and attacked Takashiro before disappearing. Then, he continued to attack humans from the shadows.

Reiga after attacking Takashiro

Takashiro reveals to Yuki that Reiga's powers are enormous and that all the Opasts they've faced for the past thousand years were called and controlled by him.


Growing up at the orphanage Reiga became like an elder brother to Yuki Giou and continiously trying to spare him he kept his true identity a secret until Yuki awakened to his powers as God's Light (Kami no Hikari). It is only at Yuki's awakening he finally abandones the name and personality belonging to Kanata. In the anime, he approaches Yuki several times and tries to talk him out of joining the Giou clan in an attempt to spare him in the upcoming fight. In his last attempt he pretends be another of Lady Ashley's kidnapped victims, begging Yuki one final time to return home with him. When Yuki declines his request in order to save his friends, Reiga finally snaps and reveales his true indentity. It is showed that he has great respect for Yuki, comparing the rest of humanity to his caring being and even going as far as saying 'if everyone was like Yuki,then...' possibly hinting he didn't think this purge of the earth would be necessary if everyone had such compassion.

During the fight between the Zweilt and Cadenza, he shows up once again and stops Cadenza when Yuki's barrier is breached. Cadenza accuse him of trying to protect Yuki while Reiga insist that the reason he is interfering is because he cannot allow Cadenza to go against his orders. Meanwhile Kuroto and Senshiro arrive at the conclusion that the Duras are not as united as it first appeared and Yuki starts doubting whether Reiga was really trying to protect him all along. Because Reiga is already controlling two General class Duras, Cadenza takes a chance and breaks free from his control, saying that he will kill God's Light no matter what. The battle of will instead changed to an outright fight between the necromaner and the Duras, leading the other Zweilts to agree that Reiga might be fighting to protect Yuki in the long run instead of just subduing Cadenza now. Just as it looks like Reiga might be overpowered Luka shows up to fight, demanding that the Zweilts get Yuki out of there, saying it is their job. Cadenza gets furious and attacks Luka while his attention is divided, but Reiga freezes the attack. Yuki asks Reiga why he saved him if he really hated mankind and had betrayed the Giou clan, stating that though Reiga told him to he could never really hate him. Reiga in turn maintains that keeping Yuki alieve is just another part of the plan and he shouldn't think so highly of himself. Yuki tries to reconcile with him, reminding him of all the promises they made and the fun times they had together. Cadenza runs out of patience, claiming that he will never understand humans. He then apologizes, saying that if keeping God's Light alive really is part of Reiga's plan he will continue to serve him, but first he will have to tell where his true loyalties lie. Before he gets to answer Hotsuma and Shusei shows up and seeing how their odds are against them because they've already spent a lot of power fighting each other, Reiga commands they leave for now, which Cadenza only grudgingly agrees. Just before disappearing he demands that Yuki never call him by the name Kanata again, stating that he is Giou Reiga and Yuki should not forget.

The Zweilt only get a short respite because the Opast under Reiga's controle deside to test their master's loyalty by attacking their enemy's base. In the middle of the fighting Reiga once again shows up, only to leave shortly after, this time taking Yuki with him, leaving all the Zweilts and Luka in despair. Upon returning he imprisons Yuki which continues to sow doubt about his intention in the Duras. Yuki asks why he didn't just kill him since it should be easy, but Reiga claims he still have use for him, to which Yuki asks if he is certain it isn't because Kanata is still a part of him and he doesn't really want to kill him. Reiga finally admits it is true and asks what difference it makes, if Yuki would be willing to betray the Giou clan to be with him instead. He goes on to explain how disgusting humans are, polluting the world, leaving the weak to hunger, waging wars based on racism and religion. Yuki explains that while he believe people might not be able to live without lying to and betraying each other, all the important things in life like emotions, warmth and kindness also comes from humans. Reiga has a hard time imagining people like that, but Yuki says all the members of the Giou clan, Luka and even Kanata is like that. Nothing could replace the times they spent together. Reiga tells Yuki that he abandoned his human name once he became God's Light. At this point the other Zweilts have located Reiga and arrive at their destination. Reiga tells Yuki to watch hile all those he care about and trust suffer. While all the Zweilt battle their former opponents - Hotsuma and Shusei battle the Hyde, Toko and Tsukumo battle Elgy and Kuroto and Senshiro battle Cadenza - Luka moves ahead to deal with Reiga. When he arrives Reiga aks if the two traitors will stay together to the end, when Yuki ask what he means he simply tells Luka's story again, though Yuki already know it and that's not what he meant by the question. Luka and Reiga then engage in a necromancer battle, each calling forth their ultimate familiar, Reiga's Vouivre and Luka's Salamander which is actually Sodom in his full dragon form. Sodom beats Vouivre but is badly injured and pass out in front of Yuki, which means Luka and Reiga are left to fight more agrresive magic techniques. After a succesfull counter from Reiga which leaves him with only light damage, Luka is very severely injured and Reiga acknowledges that even inside his barrier Luka is strong, which is why he must be killed. Just before firing Yuki calls out for him to stop, but Reiga says humans are disgusting and Yuki chose to try to protect them so he should die along with them. Before firing images of a young Yuki and repressed memories fly before Reiga's eyes, and screaming that Yuki should feel what it's like to die a traitor he shoots. This indicates that the reason Reiga called him a betrayer earlier as well as now is because he feels abandoned by Yuki. The shot never reaches Yuki however, but is stopped by Luze, Luka's younger twin brother who is also under Reiga's control. When Reiga asks if he was betrayed Luze answers that he had simply heard God's Light was important and says Reiga should calm himself, suggesting somewhat of an eaqual standing between the two since Reiga wouldn't tolerate that kind of talk from the others. When Luze asks what they should do, Reiga tells him to destroy all who stand in their way and with that Luze attacks Luka. Through the conversation between the two as they battle, it is revealed that Luze feels betrayed by Luka and cannot understand what drove him to humiliate his family any further than it already was. Reiga then tells Yuki that this is another of his creations, that by being such a bright light he constantly casts shadows and that's why he himself wanted him. Before the fighting can continue Takashiro shows up and attacks Reiga. Feeling desperate Yuki loses controle and let go of all his power, forcing Luze and the other Opast to retreat. Despite being a Duras himself, Luka pushes forward towards Luka to which Reiga seems utterly dumbfounded. Takashiro says that it's because of their contract but then takes it back, saying contract never meant anything to those two, and if that wasn't the answer Reiga himself was searching for. Though merely speculation it could indicate that Takashiro knew all along that Reiga has feelings for Yomi, and the reason he killed her, the reason he snapped, was because he didn't know if there could be a future between a Duras and a human. Although it is unknown what actually happens after Yuki releases God's Light, Reiga is shown to be sitting in a window with a much more open and pained face than before. Takashiro states that the true power of God's Light does not lie in healing but in its ability to make people realise their mistakes and weaknesses, and perhaps the reason he insisted on bringing Yuki into the war was because he and Reiga wanted to be healed. Though nothing more is shown of Reiga, the Zweilts are shown to discuss his objective, stating that capturing Yuki could not be the only one.



Before he officially took on the name of Giou Reiga, Kanata became a close friend of Yuki's - almost like an older brother. Before meeting Yuki, he had lost hope in humanity but getting to know Yuki during his time at the Morning Sun House got him to start hoping again. He cared about Yuki and didn't want him to get involved with the war between the Duras and the Zweilt. Even after he revealed that he was Reiga to Yuki and took on a much colder personality, he still seems to harbor feelings of compassion for him. Examples of this would be like him protecting Yuki from Cadenza under the excuse that he didn't order for Cadenza to do anything.  

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