Hotsuma renjou
First Appearance Episode 5

Chapter 5

Age 16
Race Human
Family Unamed Parents
Powers God's Voice
Weapons Master Stroke (Divine Skill)
Status Active
Voiced by Daisuke Ono

Hotsuma Renjou (蓮城焔椎真, Renjou Hotsuma?) is the bearer of Kami no Koe, God's Voice. He was basically abandoned by his parents who labeled him a monster, and the only time they come see him is whenever they need money. Hotsuma's past was shadowed by his fire abilities, and while protecting his brother, he ended up making the other boy burst into flames, which isolated him from everyone else. Afterwards, he attempted to kill himself, but Shuusei stopped him, giving Shuusei the burn scar. Hotsuma constantly blames himself for Shuusei's scar and is scared of hurting someone, but Yuki is able to calm him.


Hotsuma is one of the Zweilt guardians, and he can use fire as he likes. He is short tempered, impulsive and can become easily flustered. He has been friends with Shuusei since childhood. At first he dislikes Yuki, since he thinks that he has the same personality has he had in his previous life (which indicates that maybe he used to be in bad terms with female Yuki), but with time, he grows somewhat close to him.


Hotsuma is young man with golden blonde hair and gold eyes like all the members of the Zweilt guardians.


Usui ShuuseiEdit

The two of them had been childhood friends and eventually grew as partners together. Hotsuma trusts Shuusei with his life, even stating that in one of the episodes. The only one who seems to understand Hotsuma's

Wiki 1

Hotsuma after Shusei disappeared.

short-tempered personality seems to be Shuusei. Due to being partners for every one of their past lives, Hotsuma and Shuusei are extremely close. According to an extra (20.5), Hotsuma mentioned that Shuusei had used to be a girl and they were married in a former life. They had even tried to have children in order to increase the number of Zweilts but failed. Hotsuma seems to be very open about this while Shuusei is extremely embarrassed about it. 

Hotsuma appears to be protective towards Shuusei  

Trivia and NotesEdit

  • His birthday is August 01
  • His ring produces a curvy blade called Masterstroke (Divine Skill).
  • He was a bit rude to Yuki at first, then his bond became more stronger with Yuki during the manga/anime.
  • He says more than once that Shuusei is the only one he needs, even begging him to stay with him, and sees him as his reason to live.
  • He talks in his sleep.

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