History Edit

Senshirou Furuori (降織 千紫郎, Furuori Senshirou ?) is a zweilt-in-training.

He appears as a driver who has to take Yuki to the Giou mansion. In the past, his father, Furuori Shikibi signed a contract in which Senshirou and Tsubaki were engaged. He was Tsubaki's fiance by an arranged marriage by the Giou clan but he decided by himself to become a zweilt after his grandfather's death, thus refusing his engagement with Tsubaki. Indeed, during his chilhood his grandfather (master Garan) was murdered by the Opast Cadenza whilst protecting him and Kuroto. He was very sad and wanted to revenge him through becoming a zweilt. Since that, he was only focusing on his training.

He has a love for calligraphy. On his daylife, he is a student in a art school.

As a child, Senshirou met a young Kuroto. He tried to become his friend, but could not melt the heart of a lonely sentinel that easily. Therefore, he decided to become his companion and guardian Zweilt.


Senshirou looks very intelligent and humble. He seems to be a klutz by nature at the fist appearence, but he is strong both physically and spiritually. He is a hardworker; he trained himself hard so he would be a real guardian to Kuroto's side. He is devoted, always willing to help. One of his favourite activities is cooking. He uses a scythe as a weapon and he is able to materialize spells as a necromancer.


He is tall and he has brown hair. He wears glasses. He is wearing his zweilt ring on his pinky finger, which matches with Kuroto's.


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