Copy of Touko chan
First Appearance Episode 1

Chapter 1

Age 17
Race Human
Family Tsukomo Murasame
Powers Ear of God
Weapons Eon (Eternity)
Status Active
Voiced by Inoue Marina

Touko Murasame (叢雨十瑚, Murasame Tōko) is Tsukumo's older sister, Yuki's relative and also a Zweilt guardian. Her ring transforms in a huge sword named Eon. She attends the same high school as her brother, where their closeness make all the girls jealous of her. She is very fond of Yuki (who she calls Yuki-chan), telling him that "He is a person who is too kind for their own good" and asking her to refer to her in a more close way (Touko-chan) instead of calling her Touko-san.


Touko is very bright and cheerful, and cares deeply for those around her. She likes hugging people and frequently

Toko smiling.

does so. She loves to argue, can call someone (especially loves to mock Hotsuma). Touko may be vulnerable and can be strong and calm rest, but never remain indifferent. At one point it looked like she had a crush on Luka, as she was shown blushing when she saw him sleeping; but later, it is revealed that it was only because Luka looked like someone she used to love in her past life. Instead, she is a very loud advocate for Luka and Yuki's relationship. It seems that apart from Tsukumo, Touko nourishes tender feelings for Yuki and Luka as well.


Touko is a young teenage girl with waist-length ash-bronze hair and golden eyes, like all the other Zweilts.


Tsukumo MurasameEdit

Tsukumo and Touko are siblings. They are siblings but their relationship is like a couple, much to Tsukumo's fangirls' dismay. In an Omake chapter in a manga, Tsukumo got sad because she doesn't watch him when he is in tennis club, but the reason why she can't come close anymore is because of Tsukumo's fanclub shooing her away or chasing her away. Tsukumo is always ready to protect Touko with all his life and always says that he loves her. In one chapter in the manga when Kuroto Hourai and Yuki Giou went to Tsukumo's room to wake him up since his still not up, when Kuroto pulled Tsukumo's bed sheet it revealed Tsukumo hugging Touko on her waist while sleeping together, but when he and Touko where comforted by the other Zweilts he remained dignified saying, "What can I do? I just love Touko-chan," causing Touko to blush.

Yuki GiouEdit

Touko is fond of Yuki, calling him "Yuki-chan" despite of having only met him, and also stating that he is someone who is too kind for his own good, wanting him to call her "Touko-chan" instead of "Touko-san". Later on, they found out that Yuki is Tsukumo and Touko's distant relative.

Luka Crosszeria

Touko is the most notable guardian who interacts with Luka the most, and was even hinted that she may possibly have a crush on him, yet, was revealed that during her past life, her lover resembled Luka greatly, and that must be why she is acting strangely around him.


  • Her birthday is June 22
  • Her ring produces a huge sword called Eon (Eternity)

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