Murasame Tsukumo
Tsukumo Murasame
First Appearance Chapter 1

Episode 1

Age 16
Race Human
Family Tooko Murasame
Powers God's Ear
Weapons Knell (Funeral Bell)
Status Active
Voiced by Jun Fukuyama

Tsukumo Murasame (叢雨九十九, Murasame Tsukumo) The bearer of Kami no Mimi, God's Ears. A high school boy who appears to Yuki along with his sister at the start of the story. He is one of the Zweilt Guardians and also part of the Giou Clan, making him and his sister Yuki's distant relatives. His powers seem to be the ability to speak with animals, sense people, and transform his ring into a gun during a battle. For some reason he always has snacks with him. He seems to be extremely close with his older sister Tooko, whom he calls Touko-chan and says he will always protect.


First year high school student who apparently loves sweets. Paired with his older sister Tooko. He is a defense specialty Zweilt who uses "Knell" to exorcise and bind Duras and uses guns. Like Tooko, he is also known as "one who hears and knows". He is able to converse with birds and other animals and to hear people's heart.

Tsukumo brings candies and lollies with him and would give them to the poeple who are depressed just to cheer them up. 


Tsukumo has short white hair, with a fringe that goes to his right side. He has golden eyes just like the other zweilt guardians. Tsukumo has slim and athletic body despite the fact that he is fond of sweets and snacks. 

At school, he wears grey school sweater with a purple necktie denoting he is in his first year of high school. Tsukumo also wears grey pants. 



Touko is Tsukumo's caring and lovable older sister. They are extremely close, sleeping together and putting their faces too close together thus this students at their school often mistake Tsukumo and Touko for being in a relationship. They really care about each other, and protect each other, and make a good partnership. Seeing as Tsukumo is only good at long range combat and Touko is best at close range combat. While both of them possesses the 'Ear of God', Tsukumo can hear thoughts and animals while Touko can't. In book 5, Tsukumo displays sadness for never having been married to Toko in a life.

Yuki Edit

He seems to possibly have a crush on.


  • His birthday is on October 10.
  • The name of his gun is Knell (Funeral Bell).
  • He keeps rabbits.
  • Tsukumo had a girlfriend in his past

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