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Yuki O.o

Yuki is the barrier of Kami no Hikari(light of God) or "God's light". He is the protangonist of Betrayal Knows My Name and is a freshman in high-school. When he was just a baby,Yuki was abandoned by his mother at the Asahi orpahange. Sometimes when he touches someone, Yuki can read their emotions or mind, which makes him suffer. Unlike Toko-chan,he has no memories of his past life and relies on Luka,who he vaguely remembers. Yuki has been reborn countless times,but this is the fist time he was reborn as a boy, a sign about the end. (more...)

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Betrayal is my Name Op01:31

Betrayal is my Name Op

Betrayal is my Name OP

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April 11,2010
The Betrayal knows my name was officially airing 24 episodes. The new opening and ending is to be realesed August 4!


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